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Friday, 14 April 2017 14:21

Brian Williams, Rick Stengel Blast ‘Novice’ Trump Behaving Like an Autocrat; It’s ‘A Little Bit Disturbing’

Written by  Curtis Houck

Earth to Brian Williams, it’s clear you had to learn on the job to not make stuff up! On Thursday’s The 11th Hour, MSNBC host Brian Williams and former Kerry State Department official/Time editor Rick Stengel blasted President Trump as “a novice” channeling world dictators while learning on the job.

“Rick Stengel, an honest straight up question. He is a novice at politics. He is a novice at all things military. He does not have a basis in history. What's wrong with any or all of that,” Williams wondered.

Predicably, Stengel joined in the insults, but tried to preface them by stating that “there’s nothing wrong with” learning on the job because “everyone” needs to a degree. That being said, Stengel knocked Trump for “coming from much further back than everybody else.”

Stengel continued the snideness by comparing Trump to an “autocrat” when it comes to not admitting he doesn’t know something. Of course, Obama had a lot he didn’t know coming into office, but did anyone raise these same points (without being called a racist)?

Anyway, he went about his merry way:

He had to discover that there are three branches of government, for example.

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