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Monday, 20 March 2017 20:56

LA Times: Ivanka Trump's 'Complicit' In Her Father's Agenda, or 'Collective Rape Fantasy'

Written by  Tim Graham

The Los Angeles Times published a front-page story Monday on Ivanka Trump that highlighted she was “complicit” in her father’s evil. The headline read: “She once made liberals hopeful -- Ivanka Trump is now seen as 'complicit' in her father's agenda.

Times reporter Barbara Demick promoted four radical-left artists from New York who started an Instagram page called Dear Ivanka to supposedly lobby her to mend her father’s ways. In one Instagram post, they used the dictionary to define their accusation. Ivanka’s involved in crime or generic wrongdoing:

dear_ivanka com·plic·it kəmˈplisit/ adjective 1. involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing."all of these people are complicit in some criminal conspiracy"

They put that next to a definition of “complacent,” meaning “1. showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements.” Her apparent stance now is to "cover up the misogyny that goes hand in hand with an ethos of billionaires for billionaires."

Demick explained that Ivanka used to hang out with Chelsea Clinton and host fundraisers for Democrat Cory Booker, but now? The Times felt the pain of these disappointed lefties like Obama donor Alison Gingeras:

They were sure that Ivanka Trump, a 35-year-old self-professed feminist, patron of the arts and Democratic fundraiser, would play a moderating role in her father’s White House and were appealing to her to intercede on abortion rights, climate change and other issues.

Read more at NewsBusters

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