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Reviews written by Corsica

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CorsicaCorsica   June 20, 2017

Wilmore is a snotty, yellow-skinned racist nig ger.

CorsicaCorsica   June 17, 2017

Hasn't the Afghan army learned anything yet? Why the fk is there this constant talk about "training and advising"? It's been 16 fkg years for fk's sake! Are they that...

CorsicaCorsica   June 15, 2017

This rampant hag needs to be yanked by the hair and pushed down the Capitol steps. This fkg bitch is calling Republicans sanctimonious? Yikes, this old crone's middle name is...

CorsicaCorsica   June 04, 2017

Hope to hear soon that this rank bitch committed suicide.

CorsicaCorsica   June 04, 2017

Yikes, she claims to be the injured party and a martyr. These "comedians" today are so fkg arrogant and obnoxious. Isn't her father an "old white guy"?

CorsicaCorsica   May 30, 2017

Yikes! So being a man is toxic? That professor should leave that college if he's so bothered by men acting like men. (He's probably a latent transgender woman). Women should...

CorsicaCorsica   May 30, 2017

Yikes, can this hag kiss muzzie ass or what? Never mind that Christians are being slaughtered by Muslims in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East. The overblown pandering to...

CorsicaCorsica   May 30, 2017

This hatchet-faced hag is a nasty, miserable, ill-mannered bitch who hasn't done a damned thing for any districts she represents.

CorsicaCorsica   May 29, 2017

The arrogance of these useless bastards is the result of democrats and liberals championing and cheering them on. Columbia should throw these "students" out but the cowering and terrified administrators...

CorsicaCorsica   May 25, 2017

"Thought leader"? Really? Bwaahaahaahaaaa! That's too hilarious. One thing I've wondered about Chelsea is why she doesn't look like either one of her parents.

68 results - showing 1 - 10  
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