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Reviews written by Corsica

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CorsicaCorsica   August 17, 2017

There were thousands of free blacks in colonial America. Why is this a problem now? Blacks continually look for reasons to be offended and act the victim to cover up...

CorsicaCorsica   August 16, 2017

Someone tell this fat inbred bastard that Trump let a black homeless woman live in Trump Tower in New York City rent-free for 8 fkg years! Did any rich black...

CorsicaCorsica   August 16, 2017

Baltimore is 61% black and is effectively a ghetto so you know those monuments are going. These monuments were largely ignored or went unnoticed, except by pigeons, for decades but...

CorsicaCorsica   August 16, 2017

Only if he singled out fat, loud-mouth dykes like O'Donnell for extermination could he be considered a nazi. The true Nazis are the mixed, ignorant, hysterical leftists that showed up...

CorsicaCorsica   August 14, 2017

Why was a school board the only ones able to force the change of the name. It should be up to the citizens of the school district to decide....

CorsicaCorsica   August 14, 2017

These statues have gone mostly unnoticed and ignored for over a hundred years but now because the perpetually offended blacks are focusing on them the city government is trembling and...

CorsicaCorsica   August 13, 2017

But when the blacks pull this shit not a peep is heard from these pos "celebrities". I don't agree with the KKK or the Nazis but they're only reacting to...

CorsicaCorsica   August 03, 2017

Immigration should be suspended until all the present immigrants are absorbed and assimilated. We have all the people we need at present. There's nothing a new immigrant, legal or illegal,...

CorsicaCorsica   July 30, 2017

Deport them. There are death squads in El Salvador made up of former police officers and soldiers that kill all MS13 gang members they can lay their hands on since...

87 results - showing 1 - 10  
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