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CorsicaCorsica   April 22, 2017

What fkg "community" is he/she/it talking about?? And what fkg rights?? And is he going to beat people with his purse? Fkg freak-of-nature.

CorsicaCorsica   April 17, 2017
(Updated: April 17, 2017)

These are precious dreamers championed by the democRATS and New York State is a sanctuary state so nothing is going to happen to these valuable people, so nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah, nyah-nyahhhhhh!...

CorsicaCorsica   April 15, 2017

And the US needs no permission to bomb the hell out of a country that screams "Death to America" to kingdom, goddam come!

CorsicaCorsica   April 14, 2017

“We've seen there's still lots of issues in regards to race here in this community,” - Bellamy Yeah , like the issue of endemic black criminality and lawlessness. So...

CorsicaCorsica   April 14, 2017

But these are sweet angels that came to this country (illegally) for a better life, at least according to the democRATS, Pelosi and Schumer et al. What fine specimens are...

CorsicaCorsica   April 11, 2017

The reason for the trash, drugs, abandoned vehicles and burned and ripped up forestland is because it makes them feel at home. These people are what democrats champion and revere....

CorsicaCorsica   April 08, 2017

The Swedes are terrified of the muzzies. What are far cry they are from the Vikings they once were. Wow.

CorsicaCorsica   April 08, 2017

Why do these morons, Hillary et al insist that Syrian refugees come here? It would be easier to set up safe zones in countries around Syria like Kassem Eid said....

CorsicaCorsica   April 04, 2017

Wow has Australia been inundated with non-English speaking foreigners that much? Don't they have anti-discrimination laws that include not discriminating against whites? Doesn't "multiculturalism" include English speaking people? Yikes!...

CorsicaCorsica   March 30, 2017

Trump promised to abolish the IRS, the biggest criminal organization! What is this "tax deal" bs?

42 results - showing 1 - 10  
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