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I'll loose my faith in him if he joins in the dumb "Paris Agreement".

NO! stay away. it's all about human control and money!

Don't you dare change your stance on this phony climate change bullshit, Mr. President !!!

The biggest crook is obama, so glad he can talk about climate change and then take off In your jet that has co2 carbons great job idiot, how much...

The DEEP STATE needs to be exposed and destroyed.

What garbage! More MSM lies with no credible sources!

comey can be charged w. OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE in CLEAR espionage w/ hills illegal email server

I say boycott all cable and satellite services until they let us choose what channels we pay for. It's against my moral character to give this news...

Here is what we do know. Under the law, Comey is required to immediately inform the Department of Justice of any attempt to obstruct justice by any...

how sick can you get? suck it up snowflake, we won.

His desperation from losing power appears to have affected his mental stability. Great entertainment!

Are they all totally insane? The Democrat's really must hate America and it's legal citizens.

WTF Chuck. The FBI already cleared Trump of the crap you keep dredging up.

Trump's victory has rendered our Marxist Democrats insane; it's like blaming Hitler for Churchill's victory in 1939.

Schumer is a total ASS!! PERIOD!!

Time to go to 51 votes for all issues.

I want this rube, up-Chuck removed from office for incompetence. This political flatworm is the posterboy why we need term limits. He's never...

Sedition, treason, rebellion and revolt. Are these not the tactics of the Saul Alinsky rules for radicals or otherwise known as community...

Would Schumer endorse independent prosecutors to investigate the following: HRC and the Clinton Foundation's acceptance of millions of dollars in...

The more Schumer opens his mouth, the more he reveals his total ignorance of the Constitution and his total stupidity. So the majority leader...


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